Kalley Heiligenthal Quotes

by Kalley Heiligenthal

August 7, 2000

Joy is not a season, it’s a way of living. -Kalley Heiligenthal

What if you don’t finish the songs inside of you? -Kalley Heiligenthal

In a moment, if He says it is finished, it will be finished. -Kalley Heiligenthal

We have a strong defense in Jesus. I can live and own my imperfection, because He sees me and is not finished with me yet. -Kalley Heiligenthal

What are you stewarding now? If you do it with kindness it makes the way for prophetic words to come to pass. -Kalley Heiligenthal

If you are owning where you’re at, it’s impossible for you to be cliche. -Kalley Heiligenthal

God only custom creates, He never mass produces. -Kalley Heiligenthal

We need to let the pace of our lives be set to the metronome of heaven. -Kalley Heiligenthal

We need to look higher, He has things to say about you. -Kalley Heiligenthal

You were not your own idea, your His idea. He created you and qualifies you. -Kalley Heiligenthal